Refinishing and Painting

At Carman Body Works can help you preserve the appearance of your vehicle by providing you the exact services you need to refinish and paint your car. We do what needs to be done – no more and no less.

Whether you need a touch-up or complete refinishing,  Carman Body Works can handle the job. So let  our trained professionals take care of any fading, peeling, rusting paint threatening the body of your car.

Todays cars are built using spot welds and structural adhesives.  Carman Body Works has all types of factory approved welders to repair your car.  We only use adhesives that are approved by the car manufacturers.  Using adhesives, to repair some areas of the car, makes it stronger than welding the same place.

Our paint matching system uses the manufacturers paint codes, as well as a color matching camera, to ensure an exact color match.  Paint is applied to the car in the paint booth to make sure no dust or other foreign particles can mark the finish. The paint is then baked on the car to cure the finish to its original manufacturers quality.

Painting and refinishing can address appearance issues such as:

  • Peeling or Cracking Paint
  • Rustouts
  • Small Chips
  • Superficial Scratches
  • Refinishing

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